Sat, 02/13/2016 - 03:03 -- ejedem

Addiction can one live to yearn for something

only to continuously come about with nothing

people deal with shit like this

have society wonder how does someone get like this

well don't judge although addiction is a problem

you act like criticizing somebody is what will solve em

surround them up with hate and continue to revolve em

treat them like alcaseltzer in hopes that you will desolve them.

Well let me explain from my point of view

express the feelings that addicts have toward you

wondering how can someone be so selfish

while we justify our actions as selfless

for example you ever make a nigga wanna fight you over a bitch who didn't even like you

or steal from yo kid to get yoself a bag of coke and not thinkin about all of the bonds u broke.

Or stalk someone cuz u think they belong to you while like a leach on a human that person on to you

and they plan to definitely escape

disregard rules willing to do whatever it takes

its a dangerous world when emotions are wild

feeling inside this world like an abandoned child

I state these next words emphasized with conviction

the borderline between love and hate is addiction

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Our world


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