It seeps into your bones

Seems to set the entire world on fire
Vision blurs, heart rate rises
It gets difficult to breathe
Difficult to do much of anything
All that there is is that need
That painful desire burning through
It's deep in your blood, inescapable
It would be so easy to give in
To finally make this hell cease
And allow sweet hot relief in
But that shouldn't be the solution
It can't be
This addiction has taken ahold of you
Refuses to ever let go
It holds you captive
Roasting you over a flame 
That burns you all the way through
But there's a chance at a break
If only you'd just give in
Then the addiction will retreat
If only to hide just barely out of sight
But you can't give in
Can you?
It's wrong.. Illegal, immoral...
And seemingly the only option 
The continuous fight pulls apart your heart
Wanting to do the right thing
Wanting to fight the inner demons
But that want is up against
A terrifying and intimidating need
A need that is consuming everything in it's path
What the hell is there to do?
Can you face your biggest fear?
Face so much pain 
In the hopes that addiction will disappear 
Time will only tell
On how that fight will turn out


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