You crooked detective
In all your tricky endeavors
You fed me lies
And I fed into it
I'd feed you knives
If I could get away with it
I'm fed up with feeding times
I hope you find pain in my rhymes
It's not so much about rhyming
But impeccable timing
In time you shall have
Of me and solitude
And you to be fed till you're full
Of years you Greedily stole
I'll never forget when you stole.......
A glance at me in the back of the cruiser
You hesitantly looking back
I stole money
You stole my time
You stole a glance
I stole a dance
From my ex-wife at the casino
Where we spent what we stole
I started at convenience stores
When I was only 12 years old
Someone always go bold and told
I count my losses and reluctantly fold
I rehearse the robbery over and over
Until the time for action had come
And all the preparation was over
I jumped over the counter
And I'll niceties were over
I needed the money
Because I couldn't stand to be sober
All eyes were on me
O, widely bulging, O terrified eyes
I wore a mask as an effective disguise
So I wouldn't easily be identified
They all would come to realize
It was me in the interrogation room
While they dished out their lies

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You stole MY time James. You stole MY thoughts. You stole MY comfort. Nobody stole anything from you, you did this all yourself and until you can admit that, you will never be able to be anything other than selfish. -Bank Teller


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