It’s dark, cold and restless

Her heart-now fearless

She’s seen it all and nothing less

She is an actress


The dawn sheds light on a new day

But her past keeps getting in the way

They know what she’s done so they see her and say

“Hey, you’re that actress”


She’s done something to get this far

Too bad she never reached that standard bar

Her secrets are bottled up in a jar

The will of the actress


The roads are long with stops and curves

Too bad the street signs only say words

She’s alone, only to make friends with the birds

The home of the actress



She’s said things, done things, she won’t do again

But then again, you don’t know where she’s been

You got to understand; she did this in

Desperation of the actress


The directors don’t care about skill

They care about her will,

Her want, your dreams to fulfill

The hard work of the actress

The streets don’t care if she cries of fright

They listen and let her stay the night

But if she talks about her job she has to be out of sight!

Because someone is listening for the actress


Go on and be sad. So what’ll that prove?

You know what they say-“gotta do what cha gotta do”

But the show must go on-as you already knew

The faithfulness of the actress







The hair is so stiff-but soft like cotton candy

Lipstick so red and hair so sandy

Eye lashes on and her eye liner handy

The mask of the actress


Her notes sung high like a perfect bird call

She feels wanted now, like a new doll

But like all dolls, they wear out and get left in the hall

The want of the actress


Nobody seems to care anymore

Sure, they clap and shout and adore

But when it’s over, you go back to being a mat for a door

The final showing of the actress


Now that the curtain has closed, she must start anew

Only to face the same harsh winds that blew

She struggles to go on, but hey-rent is due

The cycle of the actress


Learn this by heart and not by mind

If you want to make it big, take a step at a time

Because if you get restless and jump ahead in line

You’ll be done as an actress.




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