The Actor


Tilt head to the right

Show left side of face

Give a smile and make it bright

One good shot is all it takes 


What if I’m serious this time

What if I’m playful


I’m an actor, let’s make it look real

The emotion I mean

But natural too

The photo I’m taking


Maybe a really quick one 

Could it be called candid?


What am I saying 

A selfie isn’t really me

or is it?

It’s a picture of me


Ok. If I’m posting this one

It’s only because it’s me. 

The actor-who only is a character 

A person. Just trying to be. 


ms. zig zag

An interesting thought that came to mind as I read this: maybe the truest photos of ourselves are the ones where we don't know that someone is taking our photo. When we know someone is taking a photo of us or we are taking a selfie, we put on an act for the camera.

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