Across the Valley of no value

Looking out of the window I sat with my spine turned 

and lingering over the end of this journey

as I stepped away from her a tear fell but a smile followed 

thoughts of wonder contacted the pain in my heart 


I left the old me behind as the new me surfaced development 

and strife to have pride along with patience

Afraid I had to make a change 

all of my soul inside and out would have to be touched in 

a moving manner 


Hesitant I placed the cheek of agony and melody 

onto the only dependence I knew 

the lord and sat their to try and cherish greatfullness

to have let this evil side of me go but it stabbed me 

in a million ways untill in the bible I turned a page


He told how value lived not in me but in his hands 

so in thee I followed and believed while placing self to rest 

so now with a charm accpetance of internal beauty

the awesome lives and never dies 


my brown arms now can hug the full frame of Elysia 

and not feel uncomfortable about it 

she lies in pasture of him so awesome is a understatement 

but proficiency of overcoming has made it 

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