Accomplishments Over Time

Add a carrot nose

and two acorn eyes

Maybe a scarf too

My six-year-old self thought at the time

Name him Billy

My snowy creation

He might be small and silly

But still was my goal and satisfaction


Start with a line

Then add a circle

Some shading shall be fine

With my creation, my nine-year-old self did fiddle

Finally I recieve the drawing

After a few months

The blue ribbon sure is charming

I guess awards are what schools and I love


Kick harder!

Perfect that dive!

Determined eleven year old was I

To be a champion swimmer I strived!

Dive off of that block

Flip turn on the opposite wall

Foes stand no chance

Only opponents can be stalled!


Maybe play that phrase louder

and bow the opposite way

Cellos, can you play on one string for that?

My thirteen year-old self did say

Those notes shall ring

And my solo will sing

My composition played by an orchestra

and impressive to the audience it will be


The can-buses use mulloxes

and talon wires use small terminals

Don't mix up red and black

To my current self, my mentor taught all

Our team's robot went to state

And then onwards to nationals

Mighty are the Robonauts!

And always improving are we all!


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