Accepting This

As Clique As It Sounds I'm Getting Better
Day By Day With The Change Of Weather
Cleanse Of The Toxic Poison
While Others Are Craving More Of Them
No Better Feeling To Be Alive
I Never Back Down Nor Run And Hide
Sleepless Nights Where I Ached Of Pain
Chemical Substances Killing Me Not Only Brain
Forgiveness Of One Where I Forgave Myself
I Have Done Many Things Without Any Help
A Loving Father As Well As A Better Man
If You Didn't Do What I Did, You Wouldn't Understand
Some Say A Dark Road I Have Traveled
Fell Enough Times I Still Taste The Gravel
There Is A Doubt In Someone's Mind
That I Will Surely Fail & Press Rewind
Took A Look Inside Myself On How I Could Be
Hoping Someone Acknowledge The Man I See
Facing Reality As Well As Facing The Facts
My Fate And Journey Put Me Back On Track

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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