Acceptance and Forgiveness

Dear Future Self,


You are probably reading this sitting in your cubicle at your current job or in front of your tv folding laundry while your children sleep. As I am writing this now, I am a 22 year old Web Development student who is unsure of where I will go tomorrow or in 5 years. I think about a lot of things like landing my dream job, leaving this small town, being with my current other half, and if I’ll ever have kids or accomplish my dreams and goals. The more I think about this, I find myself sinking into a hole of uncertainty that leaves me shook. I wrote this letter to remind you that although you think life was easier and less worrisome 5 or 10 years ago, no matter how unsure you feel about where you are in life, you can only excel from where you stand today. I wrote this letter to let you know that I accept and forgive you for everything you may think you’ve failed yourself on in the past to your current time. I want you to know that if you didn’t land a job in your dream company, your life will continue. There are many companies and opportunities that are just as competent as your dream job. You cannot give up the moment the door shuts on one of your dreams, keep excelling and carve your own path to make your passion your career. Remember that you are an ambitious individual with plenty some goals to accomplish. I know today that I can’t stand the small town I live in, Green Bay, I do plan on leaving once I can accomplish earning my Web development degree but what if I don’t? Well I want you to know that if you are sitting in Kavarna coffeehouse reading this after your long 9-5 workshift, I forgive you. I know very well that you are living comfortably in this small town and still have time to leave and see the world around you. Let’s say that you’re sitting alone in that coffeehouse because your last relationship fell out, don’t stress yourself over it. You’ve always been a strong individual and I know that you will go many places whether someone is by your side or not. Let’s say you end up with someone of the same sex, remember your happiness does not rely on social standards and the only way to be successful is to break through the barriers that hold you back. Future self, know that I will always be accepting and forgive you for your relationship status and sexual preference. Today, the thought of having children makes me feel uneasy because I still feel pretty young myself but I know that time can change a lot. If you are reading this at home while your children are napping, know that I’m proud of you because I know that you will be an amazing parent. I know that I can rely on you to build strong character in the children you bear. On the other hand if you do not have kids and feel under pressure to have them or not, just know that I accept your choice and forgive you for taking your time. Remember what I stated earlier, your happiness and success should not be defined by the social construct that surrounds you. The number one thing I want you to be aware of is that if you feel yourself falling behind in traveling the world like you’ve always dreamed of, know that I am not disappointed in you and forgive you for taking time to get out there. The world is pretty big and quite expensive, you’re probably working that 9-5 to pay off your schooling, car loan and your mortgage. It’s alright! India, Italy, Brazil, France and South Africa still awaits you. Maybe you’re reading this backpacking through the Amazons or you’re on maternity leave from your job, I want you to know that I will always be proud of the direction you go in life and forgive you for any setbacks. I know that wherever you are, you will have succeeded because you’re always on the pursuit of accomplishing a goal.




Yaira Romero

(Present self)


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