Imperfection is all a person really needs to be able to understand the foundation of

Where they're going and where they need to be.


Recall the 31 flavors of sweet delicious ice cream and the taste test rule, grab a small little pink spoon and get a scoop of that and a cone or two.

Some like the vanilla; I prefer the milk chocolate rocky road.

Despite the smooth taste it is the marshmallow and peanuts that makes it mold

The time and perfection of this specially made treat makes it so creamy and yummy.

Thinking of it like a sundae equally balanced on both sides, but at the end of the day you see it lopsided...

Maybe that’s where the wanted favorites and differences between the smooth white texture and the chocolate world collide.

I am not the type to cover the beauty with fudge syrup, but when I see those who do get choked up and guzzle water I wonder how much Bull they throw up.

Covering the beauty and the surface of something with cracks and hurting its identity. Go made nothing but a sweet master piece, just like the shop of 31 flavors he made 31 different views with 31,000 different solutions and remedies.

Sometimes a little chocolate is all I need. Who are you to judge me?

The same way a guy is quick to scoop out the cheery at the top, you rather it is the deepness of a spoon than the thought of your fingers that gives a more significant meaning to you.

I bet you've tried every flavor or at least outside of chocolate or vanilla, all I need is a little bit of one to know what is right for me. Accept me for me whether I use two fingers verses you pretty little pink ice cream spoon.

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