Acceptable Relationships

BWintersfield- All credit goes to this person right here. They had such an amazing poem I just had to share it.

When a girl's parents treat her boyfriend wrong
they're told off and corrected, and the problem is gone.
But when a girl's parents treat her girlfriend with hate
it's suddenly okay, because they chose their fate.

They chose to be hated by many a 'people
to be sneered at and tormented
for their love labeled evil.
It's okay to harass them until they break down
mock them and threaten
until in hate they are drowned.

If a couple is treated with sympathy
they must be a boy and a girl, respectively
because if it's girl and girl, or the other way
then for their love, they have to pay.

Anyone who loves of the same gender
made their own choice to suffer
and for that they must hinder

because they must see some need to be treated differently
and for that they will be
with anger and cruelty.

When the girl cries to her parents
in search of comfort for the dents
they must look her straight in the eye
and affection will be denied.

Love for someone with the same sex
is evil and selfish
and deserves no kind becks.
It's sick and disgusting and terribly horrid
to have feelings that way
that's why God forbid.

And when that boy ends his life
he made wrong and from that sacrifice.
Never mind that he faced a world of venom
that suffocated him until the end come.

Anyone would choose to be cast aside
and treated like scum
and let the hate bide.
Wouldn't you agree and like to try?
No? Why not?
Wouldn't you like to die?




Oh my gosh...this is so touching <3 i actually started to cry! 


<3 This deserves some snaps, bravo

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