Abuse is the only love that Hurts

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 04:09 -- OTO2013


True luv doesnt hurt intentionaly, reality is abuse always hurts~ Fist or words the damage is the same. I can forgive the pain of ur fist faster than ur words. None i'll ever forget, foolishly most i'll forgive. It's time i take a stand, only i can help myself thanx to all ur lovin n harsh advice. I deserve better n im not as horrible as he says, before him i never let a man bring me down~Why did i let him get that power? Day n Nite i wonder why, i got so many frnds out the same situation but i cant help myself? Im tryin my best to beleive im better, for some reason his insults cut trough me like a knife. True or not it hurts, i've been trough worst. How can i b so weak to let this affect me? I know 1 reason is cuz i luv him but even i know luv isnt everything, so why cant i let go? My heart is tellin me its cuz he took my strenght n independance but my pride has a hard time acceptin those facts. I've disapointed many by standin by him, there's no excuse but plz try n understand. Trough my weakness's he gained control, every minute of every day i pray to get that strenght back~ its a daily battle but its commin back~ i try my best not to hurt others, why do i let him hurt me? Before him nothin could brake me, how do i get my strenght back? He broke me in every sense of the word, sounds stupid but gives me strenght to finaly admit it and a goal to reach~ gain my strenght n b strong again


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