About Me!

Her name is Kayla Denne’,

 She was born in May

She is a smart girl

That’s why she wants to twirl

People say she mean

 But Kayla is a QUEEN

She be very blunt because she always up FRONT

Kayla loves spending money,

Plus she wants a bunny

She has reddish hair,

But never uses Nair

Kayla is a Plain Jane,

 She hates having stains

People make think she funny,

 But Kayla loves when it’s SUNNY

She graduate this year,

So everybody better CLEAR

She wants to go to UL

If she gets in she will YELL

She is a Smart kid

But really hates squid

I am Kayla

#You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam

Guide that inspired this poem: 



It explains alot about me and how i wanna go off to college and become a better person


Makes me feel good because i know alot about myself

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