About Me


Mom of three and dad in the army, try to provide for me.

I don’t always listen for the love.

I told myself its useless and redundant to paint a picture for them, when my mind whispers

to me ”they don’t admire you.”

Shoes and clothes are nice to receive, but I’d rather be in love; this is who I am, so be it.


I am ashamed and depressed about my face.

So I use this $11 makeup to disguise the marks of my growth and transition into adulthood.

I lie to myself… “It doesn’t make you ugly.”

I’ve had it for so long, I started to believe it does.


The brain-washed propaganda say’s “you’re ugly.”

The blind says, “you’re perfect.”

I don’t know what to believe.

So I believe myself.

Problems are an endless circle; this is who I am, so be it.


I’m talking loud because no one honestly listens to me anymore.

They only care about what they want to say!

I understand more than them because I’ve been through more than you.


You know, maybe I’m not the best because I haven’t been to Milan

or because I don’t get my own money.

I’m only 16, I act 19, but I feel 13.

This is who I am; so be it.

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