Abductions With Sinning in the world with all the Killing

Snatch up the children. Taking away lives from them.
Do you know how much pain you cause for the families and to them?

They don't belong to you.
The world is such a cruel place.
Filled with such sin.

Every time I turn into the news
Theirs a sad sad story.
Now adays, I despise to look at the news and whats lies behind the screen.
Stomach turning & churning feel an anxiety attack leading on.

With all the abductions. Kidnapping. Murdering and killing it needs to pass.

Lives are being took, stolen everyday. Where is the peace, where's the sympathy.

It's a cruel world, cruel place.
Stay cautions aware of everything
Look behind, beside in front of you
Never know what crazy fools sticks within the world

Take heed.
With the abductions of the little ones. Teenagers I pray that you'll find your ways back home.

Mommies daddies teach them how to defend. Defend & Fight with all their might.

We need God in this sinful world.
We have to pray, that's the only way.

Have faith.
Lousy, corrupted mind fools that are part of the game, I have a question

Why murder, why kill, why rape why abduct, ?

No human or child deserves to be put through hell.
Are you lacking something in your life that you have get or take away from others?

Rapist why not find a lover
Murderers..why not go & kill the deer.
Kiddnappers... Have your own child, that child did not belong to you.
And you take their lives away like they did a damn thing to you.

It's a dismay, all we can do is pray, pray the safety of the children to come back home to loved ones & families.

But no one life deserve to be took no matter what they look like our come from.

The abductions, kidnapping and killing. Their needs to be a way out of all the sinning.

It has to end it has to end.
Pray for the families. The ones in danger to because it could have been me or you.

80 kidnapping/Abductions in a month within the city.

Open up more and more eyes that the nation has to keep the children safe and within , don't wanna let them out of sight because its fools out in the world that don't care what they do.

Where's the way out of all the sinning
I feel for the families
I feel for the little girls and boys to
Just know my prayers are with you.

Make it home safe. That days like this shall soon past and fade away that no one will have to go through such tragedy.

Dashad Smith, Alexis Murphy, Morgan Herrington, Yarldy love... The Sandy hook killing.The list goes on and on but we can end it today.

Find, seek, no one child deserves to be took.
come on world, FBI we can end it today.
capture the crooks, felons and take their lives away

They don't deserve it if their taking precious lives away too.

It's a dismay, all we can do is pray, pray the safety of the children to come back home to loved ones & families.

Abduction with sinning in the world filled with killing.
We can end. We can end it.


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