ABC's Of You

Fri, 10/23/2015 - 11:50 -- slenoir

A smile that brightens a dark room of sins

 B rown eyes that could melt a soul just by one look

C ould you come back to me?

  D ancing in the moonlight with the stars sparkling

E very look you give makes butterflies

F alling in love you couldn’t do

G iving your heart wasn’t a choice

 H aving just one girl was a joke to your mind

      I came along and your game changed

J ust by giving you my flesh, blood, and backbone

 K eeping you was a fairytale

L osing you was a cold-sweat nightmare

M emories are all I have

   N othin’ could put out the fire love brought

        O ut of control our minds couldn’t catch up

      P utting our all in this wasn’t enough

  Q uitting was failure

R eady to marry you

S topping and going made our gas run out

      T ouching hands, and loving each other

              U were the one for me

         V ery much did I love you

W on my heart that’s what you did

      X-iting you out my life I couldn’t do

 Y did you have to leave me so soon?

         Z ombie you were, you always craved me… ...

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