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I need inspiration, motivation, with out it there's no determination,

I need it for my methods of the curriculum , my innovation,

You minus well kill whats left of me a whole is in my chest,

Calculated to the center of where may soul lies to be at rest,

My heart pumps vigoriously ,continuingly crushing my center bones,

Why does this happen to those of sorrow those who condone?

My ink starts to dry it starts to die knowing I cant replace it I start to cry,

My tears fall one at a time shining as bright as a star almost as if it could fly,

As if it was a shooting star, running through a whole moon during midnight,

Nearly blinding my eyes the shine shines so bright ,

this isnt writier's Block that keeps me from writing its a locked box,

A closed door in my heart the other one's lost, but then comes a knock,

A call out of a human with character traits of the loyal expressionist writer,

A P.o.e.T the one and only all-nighter, the American grace of a freedom fighter,

Where do my emotions go when you need them and this be the first,

A first where my words and bullets come to burst,

Like the "rockets bursting in air, Gave proof that my pen was still there",

( Heart beat sound effects) {x3}

He's back ! My pen won this battle of mental barricades,

Its been an whole decade and I remember everything like it was yesterday,

It was 9/11 holding me back, I was only 6 but I now understand,

That If I could have been thier I would have been the best men,

A hero to my country that not only killed innocent lives,

But they killed people mentally , people just like me,

Wifes, children, they took pitty, things they didnt deserve,

Im now 16 but the army could draft me in right now and i'll be the reserves,

Better yet I'll first one in and last one out,

50 stars, 13 colonies a nation as one is what where all about,

They can't break us we're strong and stand when there is no where to stand,

as a woman and as a man,

we are all heroes of that disaster that happend on our land,

Home of the brave and land of the free,

Thats none of your concern,

This is a land of opportunity you had yours now its our turn !


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