The 7 stages of Separation Anxiety

Mon, 01/24/2022 - 23:05 -- Zanies

     Stage one is preparation for you to go

when our time is finally up 

and I can be alone

stage one is me excied

when driving with you back home

so that I can finally lay by myself

without a care in the world

     Stage two is goodbye

when we pull up to your place

and I'm not quite sure if I'm ready

to leave your loving embrace

I know I'll see you again soon

but my nevers unravel the closer we get

to letting you go

up the driveway when we pull in

     Stage three is the ajustment 

when we finally hugged long enough for you to go inside

I get back into the car

but your arms are not in mine

I know I said I was ready

to be alone and sleep in my room

but now that your gone

I don't know what to do

     Stage four is the sick feeling I get

as I wonder what your doing

trying hard not to gift you

the "I miss you already..." message brewing

so I look at our photos and smile at you 

then I put my phone away

and try to think of something new

      Stage five is rediscovery 

as I'm home back in my bed

I tuck myself in tight with a pillow by my head

and while I had a fun day

it's time to unwind

and enjoy my time alone

in this bedroom of mine

     Stage six is the reality that after my long nap

I'll check my phone for texts or calls

from the one I was dreaming about

I was only asleep for an hour after you left

It hasn't even been 2

since I last saw the one I was dreaming of

but that doesn't stop me from wanting you

my face lights up as I see your name

it's time for us to talk again

     Stage seven is homecoming

where I call you and see your face again

I smile instantly as you say sweetly

"Hey, my love. How was your nap?"

and I can't help but think "Oh lucky me"

that I can talk to you every hour

because any longer, a time too long

would have my heart devoured 

and oh my darling, never again will I want to leave your side

I can't help missing you

with this seperation anxiety of mine...

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