6:29 a.m.


I watched the sun come up today

and it reminded me of

nights I could not sleep.

When insomnia played its role

and when I promised myself

I would never love again.

As I sit

and watch the sky turn from

a midnight blue to a break-of-dawn pink,

I think of you

and the amount of hours you have,

and are continuing to sleep.

And if you were to wake from

a noise or horrid dream,

I see your curls carelessy hugging

I hear your voice soft and weary,

and I wish to be where you are

to assure you it was nothing but a


And though you may fall back asleep

I would remind you of all the reasons

I am here.

That when you wake from a dream,

you perdure mine

and that you, the apologia,

are of a young girl's broken promise.

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