I was unaware of who I could be

And in losing it all, I found myself and I was broken and I was afraid

I remember myself, my unknown, stranger self

I was mad, and sad, depressed and out of this world stressed

I lost 629, my home, it was all mine... Gone forever taken away

Like an innocent child being manipulated into fear, I felt my heart disappear

I looked into every mirror and reflection and the person who looked back wasn't real

Endless appointments with solitude confined me until I could not breathe

I was never at ease, PLEASE! I cried PLEASE... set me free

I became numb and knew no one, I lost it all

The waves began to subside, and like a desperate man seeing nothing but the shore at his hands, I swam

I surfaced to the top, and never did I stop

And when the sharks followed me I only grew smarter and I laughed

Wait... I know this laugh, it's ME! Could this really be? 

But remembered my 629, and I wanted to go back


Then one day I came upon her at the shore, she was fair and light, she almost died that night 

But I saved her

Her lips grew red like roses ready to kiss the morning sun

And her hair grew strong and it played with the wind leaving curls of affairs

And as we were walking one day, she stopped me and told me who she was

She was me and I AM her 

I found myself my beautiful self who was once afraid, but now I glowed with light

And every so often I close my eyes and see my 629

But I would never go back, because now I know

Who I once was and what I once had, wasn't me

I AM not 629

629 is me


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