5:00 AM

The clock ticks by, unaware of the time.
I lay here again, time after time.
With addled mind and perforated heart -
With ragged lungs and rended flesh -
With necrotic veins that bleed black tar -
With neurotic vision that sway and thresh -
Time holds no barring over my sea of stars.
Absent is thought from my long gone homecoming.
This eternity lives to its name as it drags on,
A vicious dagger against rough skin.
Lifeless is that which holds me;
Suffocating chains choke the blood from my arteries.
They arrest me to this world, keeping me bound to insistent desire for more.
Directionless avarice that feeds the flame of the human soul.
To live is do die,
To die is to live.
A cycle that we are bound to, prisoners held to the ideals of another.
We hate, and fight.
We envy, and kill.
The knife, dulled from the lives taken, now scrapes against the hull of us,
Threatening to send us to the abyss, like the titanic.
So, I lay a think, my mind fires off thoughts.
They speak in voices unheard,
They speak of ambitions unsought,
They speak of actions unseen,
They speak of ideas unthought.
They tell me to lend myself,
To a cause that is not my own.
They tell me to fight,
For a battle that is not my own.
Control lies not with me, as my heart is not a home;
Hollowed by the years of abuse and dissapointment.
I can no longer see that which I sought.
My ambition is lost amongst the wretched sea of the world.
Nothing is my own.
Without my chains I am nothing.

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