50 Million Points

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 06:41 -- FizTzle


United States
31° 7' 8.058" N, 83° 26' 34.8432" W

See The 50 Million Points Wrote On The Wall,
Do They Know Your The One That Won't Fall,
Can Everyone See That What You Write,
Come To Life Everyday Bad & Good,
I'm A Thriller A Big Nightmare,
Go Look In The Mirrior At Night Time,
See The Image That Comes To View,
Can It Be A Ghost In The Wall,
Bullseye Everybody On That Single Target,
They Love Me Calling Out My Name,
Wheres The Monster At,
The One Who Turns Into A Animal,
Hide From The People Comeing Their My Goons,
I Bet I'm A Dude So Purfect,
I'm A King Where The Queen,
That Don't Matter No More To Me,
Carry Out What Needs To Be Carryout,
Make Everybody At A Rock Concert Shout,
Yes We Can I'm Your Number One Man,
Believe In Me I Keep People Confuse,
They Want More Of Me Its Like,
A Dream An Image You Never Seen.



This is a very interesting poem. It almost seemed as if each line could be the first sentence of a larger story. Great technique!

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