4Four4 Walls

These four walls staring back at me

They hold my secrets

If these four walls could talk

Oh how I wish they could and would talk

They’d tell all of my business

And maybe the business of those before me


These four walls with cracks, prints, and scars staring back at me

Telling me about the previous owners

Telling me somewhat about how they lived

And telling me about their personalities


These four white walls staring back at me

They glow when the sun rises

Showing me all the things I couldn’t see in the dark

Shadows appear on the white walls from objects that surround it

Different shapes with different sizes dancing on the wall as the sun moves

Making my imagination roar with ideas of what the shapes could be


These four walls staring back at me keep me company

They let me relax my weary body against them when I have a long day

Even when it’s quite, the walls always seem to start a conversation with me

The four walls seem to rave with sounds and gestures

They make me feel not so lonely even when I am indeed alone



These four walls staring back at me come alive in the night

They call my name before I fall into a deep slumber

They can’t stand to be alone

Shadows and figures appear on the walls to entertain me

The walls continue to rave as the night goes on

Then the morning sun creeps out from the depth of darkness


These four walls staring back at me are no longer raving

No more sounds or motions

No more shadows dancing around me

They are completely quiet as the sun takes over the room


These four walls are finally at peace

They submit to all the things they’ve felt, heard, and saw


These four walls are always watching in silence

These four walls will always be listening in silence

These four walls feel everything that’s going on between them


Never deny the four walls because all things done in the dark will come to the light

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