46: Your Touch

As I look into your eye I see a fire,

with that a hidden lock desire.

When I touch your skin it makes me melt,

making my body being to swelt.

I tremble for what we are doing,

inside this body my passion begins fuming.

Confess yourself that you never ever dreamed,

that touch you make on me, makes me scream.

You make way as your hand glides against my burning skin,

makes me feel like I'm committing a sin.

You kiss the palm of my hand and wrist,

and come up to my lips and steal a kiss.

When you kiss me oh how it gives me shivers,

I anticpate what will soon be delivered.

Your lips go to my collarbone,

making me escape a small moan.

My body is hot and the way your eyes look at me make me blush,

Whispering sweet nothings and telling me not to hush.

No sheet is between us and we are both bearskin,

place a gentle kiss on me and let us begin.










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