4 Hours

The sun beats down as if I’ve personally hurt it

While I’m dressed in my varying shades of grey and navy blue

Some faded from the sun and repeat wears that only the college poor can call trendy

Hand me downs from my mother that should bring me comfort

But right now the only thing on my mind is how

The bus is late and I’m hard pressed for water

But most of all I’m yearning for you


Its been 4 hours since I’ve locked you in my embrace

Its been 4 hours since you fought back viciously

While I listened to nonsense and some sense

And worked my way back and forth note pages and the concrete on this campus

You’ve laid patiently for my return


The bus draws close and I wait

Its still dark but you wait

The crowd presses close as though my seat is the only seat

And at every stop to our home there is a *ding*

 “stop requested” flashes over the electronic screen

Till finally I’m 6 steps in and back out into the sun


It feels like nobody really ever learned how to walk and talk

 I’m frustrated as the strangers in front of me swipe twice

-swipe thrice to get into the building

The elevator stops on nearly every floor as I make my way to you

Its been 4 hours

But you wait


The door opens and I’m greeted with cold air

The door closes and I’m greeted with darkness

I’ve counted out how many steps it takes to get to you

12, and you wait


The crate door opens and you smile and wag that tail of yours

You jump and play and I laugh

It’s been 4 hours filled with misery for the both you and I both

But right now I feel nothing but joy

I rescued you, but you are my savior


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