Thu, 07/07/2016 - 00:21 -- luciac

“scoliosis” a word i’d never thought i’d hear

conclusions dusted themselves off from the back of my head

it felt as if my body betrayed me, off course it veered 

“she’ll need a brace” my ears heard the words that bled

i let the plastic define me. 


“why did this happen to me?” i wondered why the world was so cruel

i savored the last bits of freedom before it dismantled my body piece by piece

my heart fought against my body as if in a duel

“you’ll get used to it” my spine let out a sigh in surcease

i let the plastic define me. 


“what’s this thing doing?” my spine tried to break free

at last it gave in to the horrid contraption

the plastic acted like i was an honoree

“i guess it’ll be okay” my destiny had inaction

i let the plastic define me. 


“you’re like family to me” the plastic tried to give me breathing room

it was as if the plastic finally persuaded

it got its wish for me to be subsumed

my woeful thoughts and emotions faded

the plastic didn’t hold back my joy, unconsumed

“i don’t hate you” the plastic was regraded

i won’t let the plastic define me. 

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