365 Days of Self Discovery

One day I woke up and it seemed as though everything had changed.

It was if the lightning and thunder had calmed. And I was suddenly free to be me.

Some days were still chaos; the wind whipping and the rain pouring down on me and the pain was fresh all over again.

Everyday was a new discovery about myself.

One day I discovered how strong I really am.

Because when your great grandma passes to Heaven right in front of you, being strong is your only choice.

One day I discovered how forgiving I really am.

Because when betrayal slaps you across the face, I had to make a choice.

One day I discovered how adventurous I really am.

Because buying tickets to see one of your favorite bands ten minutes before they stop selling them  means more memories than I can count.

One day I discovered how hardworking I really am.

Because maintaining a C in chemistry is not easy for me. At all.

One day I discovered how laughter is the best medicine.

Because everyone needs time with their best friends to laugh and catch up on things going on with one another.

One day I discovered how fearless I really am.

Because sometimes you face your biggest fear and it actually heals you.

One day I discovered how true love really feels.

Because the man I had been praying for kissed me and I am truly blessed.

One day I discovered how calming the ocean really is.

Because the ocean just seems to put everything in perspective and feels like home.

One day I discovered how getting dressed up and wearing lipstick is a wonderful feeling.

Because we all deserve to feel beautiful and doing a little extra is okay.

One day I discovered how singing is my passion.

Because when I stand up on stage with the lights and piano I think that I am right where God wants me.

One day I discovered that God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Because sometimes we experience pain, and its beautiful and terrifying and mysterious but right where God wants us to be

and in the midst of all this I was healed, and I grew and I am becoming the woman God wants me to be.

One day I discovered how I experienced 365 days of self discovery.



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