3000 & 9

I wonder if they will teach us in the year of 3000 and 9.
I wonder if they'll forget about all the things that came before the 1700's like the Renaissance and the Thirty Years War and teach about us instead.
Will they claim the start of the Racial Rebellion was the night George Zimmerman zoomed a bullet through Trayvon Martin's chest... or will they go back father than that?
Like in the 80's when NWA released "F The Police" as a catchy song title and the white cops got mad instead?
Will the bring up the hashtags of Black Lives Matter, Pro-Black, Melanin, or Pro-POC?
Hell, will they even know what hashtag means?
Probably not, because by then there will be flying cars and houses made out of clouds.
We'll probably know if the center of the earth is a liquid or a solid and if there really is life on Mars!
But maybe... just maybe... if all this racial rebellion and anti-culture appropriation wasn't for naught then our names will go down in those books... if they even have books.
Our names will be remembered as justice warriors who weren't only against racism but misandry and misogyny too.
They'll teach about the generation of teenagers and young adults who had to fight an age long fight of white cops shooting unarmed black kids.
And slut shaming and gender roles and patriarchy.
Will they force kids to learn abut us the way we were forced to learn about the way the Europeans genocided Native Americans and the document that ended slavery and the way the sun never set on the British Empire because it was so damn big because they just wanted to take! and take! and take what was not theirs.... but maybe not.
Because maybe this world won't be racially equal.
And the white people over the education system won't want to give them the kerosene that will ignite the fire for racial equality in their eyes... that is... if they don't kill us all first.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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