3 Years

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 17:47 -- vcadia


United States
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Ridges on concrete make up the hands you possess

The very same hands that changed my mind process

Birds aren’t like the ones we saw one summer’s eve

They’re now battered, and tortured, and everything I did that made you leave

Irony is the sad clown who went to his dead end job last night all polite

For a five year old that wouldn’t stop asking, “Mom where the fuck is Dad tonight?”

It’s mad crazy how much people really change

Or maybe its that they don’t so all it does is make you cringe

And when they don’t what else can you do?

Would you stay up all night like the others do?

Up at 3 A.M, you know, what Tumblrs known for

By 6 o'clock you’re making coffee like a chore

And maybe someday you’ll wake up to her

Your mind’s racing, hearts pounding, it’s all a blur

Really though, I wouldnt mind for a second

Although what I really wanted was one second

Of your time and patience, you know the drill

Maybe love is that caffeine you needed until

You finally collapse into a deep sleep that you never really dreamt of

So silent on stilettos

What’s that though?

He’s coming back now?

With all of the dreams he shattered, how now?

Oh yeah, when he told you he was there for you, always be right beside you

Or behind you I don’t really remember,

it was late at night, December

When he told you all he wanted was you

And oh, how he cared about you

Then you finally realized that he was only there for your body

My body, our bodies, rape culture exists honey,

They teach us in middle school to cover our shoulders for young dummies

"It wouldn't have happened if you had just shut the fuck up and listened baby"

Now all your goals are dead

Like your grandmother in the graveyard, remember she said

“God is waiting, he's right up there you see

With your father too, that's where I have to be”

She left you like all the other ones

Left you lonely, cold, and hungry for once

After everything she did for you

That last phone call, "oh hey, how are you?"

"I'm good my child, how you been?"

"Oh I'm sleepy grandmother, I gotta go take some lean"

And that was it, the final call,

I had her worrying about me when there shouldn't be any worries at all

She was old dammit, she knew you

She remembered you back in the day with the damn pink tutu

She bought you the toys and payed for your lunch

With some money she borrowed while she was on her back, hunch

Told you that you were capable of everything grand

Instead now you're looking up from quicksand

The sound of the drill the night of the oil spill

Clouded all the judgment you've had until

And then you moved along, found "love and happiness"

Then found out he was sleeping with the next blonde princess

“Excuse me, who the fuck was I to you little bitch”

He asked as he grasped your arm and you hurled back to spit

Now your mother though, that’s a different story

She got payed for taking care of a wife and he

Got her on lock, put her on the document

Told her she was the one after seven,

His lady game still magnificent

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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