29 More Months

Twenty-nine months,

not a thought until now.

Moving every year,

I cringe with no sound.

I've stayed here the longest,

loving the memories I've found.


But in twenty-nine months,

I leave it all behind.

Every passing moment,

Our fingers unwind

Because the changes keep comin'

As if our life is time-bind.


And in twenty-nine months,

We'll scale the world.

We'll take on challenges,

But hear from me?        Not a single word.

I'll think of you in the distance,

And will only hope my heart can be heard.


So in twenty-nine months,

We'll party once more.

Our texts will get shorter--

The rate of silence will soar.

Our conversations will cease

To exist anymore.


Please stay, O' twenty-nine months,

For it's too early for graduation.

Class of 2016,

It leaves me with frustration.

I don't want to leave school with regrets,

Not even for vacation.


Don't let me leave yet, twenty-nine months,

It brings tears of woe.

My friends will disappear,

Just let time become slow.

So to my friends I write this:

The future's where we'll go.

We won't lose these memories;



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