2020 - A Year of Special Days

Now it’s 20-20.  Hip, hip, hip hooray

Let’s start the New Year smiling and have a happy day

6 weeks later Valentines’ and although a bit cliché

Lots of bright red roses, in some rather big bouquets


Of course, our Mums and Fathers get a special day

We dote on them and owe them much.  A debt we can’t repay

Then we get to summer.  Its Independence Day

The country stops to barbecue.  A national soiree


Heads bow on 9-11.  Respect is on display

Some of us will ponder and some of us will pray

Thanksgiving in November.  Family come from far away  

A plethora of calories, in a feast that is gourmet


Finally, there is Christmas. Santa and his sleigh

Peace on earth, good will to men. Kindness on display

But all these special periods were to end in disarray

With 25 mass shootings in the good ol’e U-S-A


The sounds of love and happiness were turned into dismay  

Replaced by tears and screaming as the bullets ricochet

These times that we should cherish will forever be the day

Someone yearns for family who were crudely blown away


The Senate will do nothing so this to you I say

If you cross your fingers really hard you might not die today

Past is prologue in this world and Congress is blasé

They’ll not stop tomorrow’s killings, like they didn’t yesterday


A never changing monologue, day, after day, after day    

No-one cares about you, their indifference on display      

From Columbine to Sandy Hook, Las Vegas to Santa Fe

It’s the people not the shootings that are going to die away

This poem is about: 
Our world


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