2019 Cerberus

Heavy black paws land on the slick black belt,

Every ounce of weight is felt,

Cerberus pants sticking out his three tongues,

He thinks working out is so much fun,

The hum of the treadmill fills the air,

People are staring but he doesn't quite care,

It's been 3 years since he left his home,

The dark colorless place covered in bones,

He likes it much better on this side of the world,

There's laughter and silliness and cute little birds,

Here no one orders him around,

And so much cool stuff has been found,

After this he'll swim in the pool,

And takes selfies with kids who think he is cool,

Then he'll go to his favorite coffee shop and order a latte,

And talk to his favorite barista Holiday,

A girl who is just as unique as her name,

With bright purple hair and a few piercings,

He likes this human more than the rest,

Because when they first met she didn't think he was grotesque,

In fact she served him coffee without batting an eye,

And even offered him some helpful advice,

He's working out extra hard because today's the day he's gonna ask her out,

He knows this without a shadow of doubt.




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