2018 ( Twenty , Eighteen)

Dear Beautiful,

How can I say that I lived enough if I didn't know who you was

You entered my life like a tour bus

So I chased you and this time it'll be the two of us

This is a new year and a new me

But I'm still preplexed how there's no you and me

I'm not going to end the chapter

I'm going to rewrite it and end it with laughter

This year I'll think less is more 

Close my door up on all of these whores

My grandma said follow your dreams

And when I dream I think about how beatiful your eyes gleam

I know what's next is you and I 

We belong together like the stars and the night

Eyes cold like ice 

But her heart is warm like so cooked Spanish rice

Every time I see her I feel like a fool in Paradise

Starstruck by the beauty seen in front of me

I'll rewrite it so this time you won't want to leave

I like you girl and when you see me I know that you heart swirls

Let me pull up in my two door coupe and swoop you

Take the single out of your bio and let them know that I couped you

They say home is where the heart is, but hopefully you left it in the garden

Give you my undivided attention just so that you know that I'm logged in

I don't want to be watching from the screen 

I want to be living the dream

I'm not sure if this is love

But I know damn well that you fit me like a glove

I'm the pastrami to your rye

If you want I'll share my heart up like a slice of pie

And if I die I want you to know that you're the spice in my life

She's foreign like an import, but I comfort her like a davenport

I know that you miss your family 

Let me fill the shoes of your daddy

You can call me little papi

If you want I'll learn the lingo

So that your parents don't think that I'm a gringo

Sleeping all day to take away the pain of not being with me

I pray that 2018 won't be so filthy

I like you like a fat kid likes whopper meals

I don't mean to be in my feels

But you're the real deal yeah Holyfield

2018 holds a lot of exciting moments graduation and what not

Hopefully the stars line up and graph us like a plot

Come on let's not be two scatter plots and let's line up the dots

2018 I want to see less people but more of you

I said that "you're the spice in my life" and I can't stop adoring you

I know that you missed me

I promise you that this will be more than a kiss for me

I'll see you in 2018

And if god permits me I want to be with you this 2018




Yours truly,

Sebastian Baltazar Quinones

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