2016: A Year of Change...For the Better

Fri, 12/30/2016 - 19:53 -- kmhst26

The ball is down
2015 is in the rearview mirror
Welcome 2016
“New Year, New Me”
The meaningless phrase
This time is different
This time, it will be a new Me

3 months gone and nothing new
Same old me…
…Until the phone rings
The man I call “Pap”
The man that lives hours away
The man I should have reached out to
He breathed his final breath
Now is time to say goodbye, but did I even say hello?

Days continue to move, but I have done nothing
A change is needed
A change to bring me happiness
A change is what I made
A new career, A new life
No more long drives, No more angry customers
Now to the career I studied for 4 years
Will this be for me?

Time continues to move and change is good
Sunshine comes, Roses bloom, and the city is celebrating
Lord Stanley has returned home
He is in The City of Champions
The streets are filled with black and gold
A seven year wait is over
Fans scream out in joyous voices

Summer is slowly closing and I reflect
Change has meant living in the moment
Change has meant “my future starts now”
Change meant happiness and joy
One final change must be done
Best Friends Forever?
Forever ended years ago
It is time to change that end to a new beginning

Two sides of the same story
Misunderstanding and self consciousness
Will it be the same?
Will it be better?
And that is what change is doing

The leaves begin to change
The air has a chill in is
And you are a year old.
My, how you have grown
I continue to watch you grow
Each and every year
You can always come to Aunt Kae
I will always love you

I become a year older and reflect
Is this where I saw myself?
Only 24, but I need my independence
I need to get out
It is time to truly begin living
On My Own.
You have raised me well enough to realize
I cannot depend on you forever

December already?
Another year flies by
Am I a new me?
Kind of.
Am I happy with this “new me”?
Goodbye 2016.
Bring it On 2017


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