2016 in a Nutshell

From the death of Harambe to dank Twitter memes

This is my year in a nutshell of 2k16

I lost my boyfriend ten times last year

Went to 9 parties and blacked out last year

Graduated high school and won a poetry slam

Not quite exactly, but I wasn't too bad (got third place against 26 schools)

Cut all my hair and looked like a dude

A Brittney Spears meltdown never looked so damn good

I spent a week with my boyfriend in his mothers hotel

Meanwhile my mom only put me through hell

Had 8 pregnancy scares in the past year

But by the 5th one I was fully prepared (still not pregnant)

I packed up my bags and headed for college

The place where you're drowning in debt for some knowledge

Did I want to go? Hell no I am broke!

To afford this place I'd have to sell dope

Or I could just apply on this site

For a scholarship to save my butt for another night.




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