The 2013 Ebony Woman of Education

Given the opportunity to share my point of view...

I wish my professor can see that i am more than just a mere name on a sheet of paper

I am  more than just another body in a desk

I am more than a document of what my brain has been taught

I am more than just a BLACK woman.

I am a woman of color, with my caramel brown skin, my brain's shine brighter than my beauty

Oh Lord, I pray that I can get through just one day without being judge because of the deeply rooted pigment of melanin.

The sway in my hips

My full-figured curvy temple; which has grown into early maturity.

Rather, I will become more than a statistic among my neighbors

I will rise above all ignorance that surrounds my neighbors, because I am more than just a name on a sheet of paper.

I will turn my aspirations into a reality...

Aspiration? Ah... The subtle crave of want and desire

As it runs steaming through my ebony skin

Aspiration? Runs deeper than my thick-hot blood stream

Aspiration for me is more than clothes, jewels, and fame; unlike my peers

I intend on making it out of the poverty, I intend on surpassing my struggles

Aspiration for my education has tripled since the beginning of this piece.

I wish my professor can see that I arrived on time, despite the stereotype.

I wish my professor can see that I arrived on time with heavy 6 ton bags under my eyes, weighing me down because I have went sleepless studying.

I wish my professor can see that as a "BLACK" woman, I did not take interest in making my hair look extra special today, despite the stereotype.

As a "BLACK" woman who has just touched her peak of passion for education. I wish my professor can see that I am not just a "BLACK" woman.

I wish my professor would consider the fact that i am striving to become more than just a stereotypical statistic,

Rather, I am striving to make something of myself

I am not pregnant,

On welfare,

With multiple baby daddy's

But instead, I have graduated high school,

Earned my high school diploma,

and have been accepted to numerous universities based on MY educational successes.

Professor can you see me now?


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