2012 love is a lie

Love is over-rated
I mean think about it
The dictionary partly defines it as
“The attraction based on sexual desire,”
So you see something that appeals to your inner “voice” that draws you to a particular force that arouses you
That’s love…
Love used to be patient, kind
And morally compliant
But considering it’s a “new day”
And “ain’t nobody got time for patience”
Got baby girls sayin’
“Let’s get married, ‘cause I think I love you”
Nex’ thing you know baby girl has been used
Socially, physically, and mentally abused
Then we point to the accused
As to say, “How could he be so rude?”
But to tell you the truth
He’s the victim too
He’s the victim of immaturity
He wasn’t mature enough to handle a woman’s worth
So he’s damned; to be cursed
This forces his future generations to do much worse
So as you can see
Lust can’t set you free
But instead of agree
You place it in a seed
That we later feed to our future babies.
-Ashley Browning


Ashley Browning

hope you like it

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