Since 2001

She’s my rock, my other half,

Always there to cheer me up,

And make me laugh.


We met in preschool, the year 2001

She thought of me as the weird shy girl

I thought of her as happy as the sun.


We were close together, never apart,

Play dates at our houses, mischief at school,

We didn’t even know that this was just the start.


We played princesses, and acted out the roles to perfection,

We enjoyed dolls and ponies,

I always had quite a selection.


Then came the news, on that fateful day,

My dad had gotten a new job,

I was moving away.


We texted, wrote, and called,

Even with me across the ocean,

The distance seemed not so far at all.


When she visited it was a joyful event,

We clung to each other like magnets,

As the week drew to a near, we knew what that meant.


She flew back home, after a tearful goodbye,

We couldn’t stop hugging,

After she left, my tears wouldn’t dry.


A year later I moved, a little closer, but still far and away,

She visited me again,

So many times, I wonder why she didn’t just stay.


Not a day went bye we didn’t text, call, write,

I kept up on her life,

And she kept up on mine.


Though we were still close, I couldn’t help but feel,

Sad on everything we best friends missed out on,

All the things that seemed to come with the deal.


No prom dress shopping, or cute prom photos with her,

We wouldn’t see each other on our birthdays,

None of those spontaneous late night sleepovers.


But I feel very fortunate that we stayed together,

Normally distance drives people apart,

And I don’t know what I’d do without her.


It’s okay that we missed out on normal best friend memories,

Because I wouldn’t trade the ones we have for the world,

They are worth more than any treasury.


We have such a unique bond,

Closer than most,

I am her brunette, and she is my blonde.


As we go onto the next stage of life,

I know we will always be a part of one’s adventure,

Through the happiness, and the strife.


So to answer the question,

“What can’t you live without?”

My answer is my best friend; there is not even a selection. 

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My family
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