2 Sides To My Story


~2 Sides to My Story~A Place Called Ohio There's a place miles & miles from here,Its my home, were I was born,Memories of that life fade then seer,Going home makes me feel torn,A place I love so much, It moves the spirit- what a touch,Ohio- what a place to see,In it lies family and friends,but to stay home really depends,There I'm free,But here I've made my amends,And here I'm who I'd care to be...  A Home in Carolina It's calm and homelyFar from the land I'm from,And I often feel lonely,For here my family is few to some,Carolina- A place I've made my home,It's a diverse and different state,But I love the long roam,Something feels so right- destined in my fate,Here I'm what I'll one day become,A place in my heart; Ohio, I'll always keep,But to return now, would surely be dumb,I've fallen in love, with a person,future and state,A feeling That wont leave- because it's too late.



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