2 lost souls

A working night a normal shift
Hour by hour time began to drift feeling dizzy and bleary eyed only a test would prove my pride at this moment I had a clue am having a baby a dream come true I shared the news and the congratulations began I became everyone's biggest fan until a pain grew down my belly and my legs began to feel like jelly this hospital trip gave me a scare and suddenly feeling like no one would care a scan they said but I or ready new but my luck suddenly changed because there was two the nurse smiled and said there fine I knew there on that they where both all mine I then went home with a picture of my scan I was so happy an so was my man a few weeks on an my second scan came filled with excitement that I could not tame as I looked at the screen shaped like a tin instantly I new my baby's heart beat had give in my happiness instantly faided away on which was going to be a good day I stayed in bed done nothing but cry unable to say good bye days went by I grew strong knowing that I did nothing wrong god has taken my baby's to guide his way and showing me signs that I will see them one day I will never forget you my amazing two just no mummy loves use I truly do

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