18 things I hate about you

Dear You,


I hated who I was when I was with you.

I hated that you would use me.

I hate that I'm still wasting my time on you, 8 years later.

I hated the person you became when you were with the wrong crowd.

I hated how you abused my friendship.

I hated how much my parents adored you.

I hated your stupid smile that I'll probably never forget about.

I hate that you have this power over me.

I hate how stupid this all is.

I hate this childish list.

I hated that you were part of my good childhood memories and my worst.

I hated the way you looked at me, because it made me love you more.

I hated that things were left unsaid.

I hated myself for being weak around you.

I hated that you knew.

I hate myself for hating you.

I hate that eventually this hate will fade.

And I hate you for not being my best friend.


But I will always love you and I don't hate that.







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