17 Miles and Counting

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 02:36 -- mkp750


I have walked 17 miles as of now

Pretty soon I will reach 18 miles

Along my walk, I have met lots of people

Learned valuable knowledge

Seen many wonders

Where I walked was guided by my elders

All 17 miles I walked, they guided me

Taught me, nurtured me, fed me

Along my walk, I came upon roadblocks and ditches

Each time I got by and kept walking

Once I reach 18 miles, my elders will no longer guide me

They no longer have to

Having been able to walk that far, I can now guide myself

I will decide where to walk from there

Pass the 18 miles, there will be more roadblocks and ditches

Yet there will also be more people, knowledge and wonders to see

I am still at 17 miles, but soon I will reach 18

And I will keep walking












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