Sun, 12/26/2021 - 10:24 -- JPGeo

I hope I’m 17 in Heaven

Rock’n Van Halen, sneaking into bars

Living for the night and hanging in the sun.

Sure hope I’m 17 in Heaven when my breathin’ days are done.



Wouldn’t mind being 23 in Heaven

With some money in my pocket, living on my own

Music playing loud, stay’n up all night.

Monty Python on the tube, smoke a dube, bet that’s right.



Now 32 would be a better age for Heaven

Pretty wife at home with precious little boys.

Climb right up the corporate ladder.

Cash in my retirement cause in Heaven it won’t matter.



God, let me be 40 in Heaven.

There’s peace of mind from being my own boss.

Things are overrated, family’s what it’s all about

Sundays dozing on the sofa, getting fat eat’n out.



Heaven help me if I’m 50 in Heaven

All my kids in college, nothing left to spend.

Aching joints at 60 don’t feel too damn divine.

Holy hemorrhoids may be your heaven, sure as hell ain’t mine.



Goddammit, Heaven is just no place for old men.

Half the time blessed peter won’t stay up.

Can’t eat nothing spicy, doctor says, don’t drink.

Sounds more like Hell instead of Heaven, don’t you think?



Man, I hope I’m 17 in Heaven

Rock’n Lynyrd Skynyrd and hanging in the sun

Forever 17 in Heaven

When my breathin’ days on earth are done.



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