16 Things I've Learned in 16 Years

Sixteen Things I’ve Learned in Sixteen Years



When his hand reaches

For yours in the dimly lit room

It’s alright to pull away.
You have not signed a contract

Stating you must always say yes

You need not step out of your comfort zone

If you’re not ready.

It’s okay to say no.



His heart will sing your name

For days,

Yours can ring with disaster.

You are not required to make his dreams

A reality.



Like Earthquakes his hands will tremble,

It’s not a nervous habit,

He simply cannot hold onto anything

Without leaving it damaged.

Don’t give him your heart

Made of china glass

He’s been known to drop priceless things.



Forever is a long time,

We all leave eventually.



We are not immortal,

This life is simply a collection of

Years, months, days, hours, and minutes.

Do not take these ticking seconds

For granted.



Anyone can cross their heart,

Hope to die,

Few are willing to keep to do so.

Promises mean nothing

Unless fulfilled.



Smiles like gold,

Eyes like books,

Easy to read, hard to understand.

First appearances can be deceiving.



The biggest lie

To be told is,

My darling you are perfect.

To desire perfection

Is to desire insanity.



Your face is not a canvas

Painting it will not add color

To your soul.

To be beautiful

Doesn’t have to mean

Washable in the shower,

It can be explosive

And radiate from the inside-out.


Green can be seen everywhere.
It’s in your face

When he’s with another girl,

On your finger tips

As she holds his hand.

It lingers on your lips

As you spill envious words

To your best friend.

Green may creep around corners

This does not mean its coming for you.

Not everyone is jealous of you;

Some just fill their world with hate.



Dark clouds surround our minds,
these storms may last

Days or weeks.
Others cannot see
what’s spinning around,

We are all suffering.



Sometimes these storms in our heads

Cram with water

And seep out through our tear ducts.
It’s okay to cry in public,

You can’t always be



All good things come with hard work

If he cant’s see this

He isn’t worth it.

He’ll only break you a part

Like mitosis to DNA.



Kissing in the rain,

Love at first sight,

High school lovers,

Movies are not your reality.

Buckle up,

Because life gets bumpy.



We live in a world

Of fast motion,

Never stopping to pause,

You’ll only get left behind.

Don’t forget to laugh at the wrong time,

Be curious,

Be obnoxious, and
wear mix matched socks.

Don’t forget to be a kid.



Words are powerful

They clench your throat like tightly tied ropes.

Poetry is mental suicide.

Both being an escape.

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Very well written. I love this piece.


Thank you I appreciate the positive feedback. I hope you take Time to read my other poems as well.

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