Sat, 01/25/2014 - 19:20 -- Charis



I do not know what other girls my age

Think, I know what I do

Though fashion, boys, beauty and not sage

words of wisdom are more true

Politics, death and the universe are topics left

For the grown-ups to think about – not we

Whatever to wear tomorrow turns to a shopping spree

The man who was shot in last night’s theft

Is of no concern, they say, he deserved it they say

I do not think like that. I think of his children

Starved and alone, wondering if he lost his way

They hear the news- they cry- holed up in their lil warren

I think all these and more. Life, justice and more

Such thinking is bad for the head says folklore

So they say I should fawn over the latest

Boy bands, which celebrity couple is the wealthiest

I defy- I think of the cosmos and human rights

God and creation is on my mind – can’t you change?

I reply Descartes “I think therefore I am”. That’s strange

and lonely. I can’t change, I try hard- it’s futile

no one told me being 16 would be this hard.

- Charis



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