1:42 am

We met again in the dark last night,

But before I let you go I left my mark.

And for a while I'll haunt your reflection.

Every time you see it, you'll also see me.

You'll see my cascading curls and sly smile and mischievous eyes

And you'll be certain I'm not sorry.

And despite your best efforts you'll smile and shake your head.

And just as the feel of my skin begins to fade from your finger tips

Some one will make a comment.

Your cheeks will burn red and once again 

You won't be able to help but smile.

They'll ask for my name and wonder who I am

And you're going to wish you could scream it to the world,

But instead you'll swallow the six letters and it will feel like swallowing fire,

But you'll do it anyway

You won't know what else to do.

But it won't last forever,

A few days at most,

And like the red mark on your neck,

I'll disappear.

You won't be sure if you're relieved,

Or if there is a certain nostalgia tugging at your heartstrings.

You'll wonder where I am and what I'm doing,

But you won't do a thing about it.

That's ok.

Because as I sit here writing this 

Thinking about how much you've been teased,

And how many times your cheeks have burned red,

And how often my name, my face, my lips 

Have crossed your mind,

I'm smiling,

Satisfied as hell...



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