13 Ways of Looking at a Scar

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 11:11 -- zztm

Baking cookies on cold mornings                                               A mean word

Hot pans leave burn scars                                                            No scar is seen

                                                                                                But it is there                                                    

Tag on a suburban sidewalk

Trips and falls skin knees                                                              A tattoo

Scars form                                                                           Is the scar any different?


Chopping carrots on a cutting board                                        What is left after bug bites heal?

Sliced fingers                                                                     If you scratched

Sliver scars remain                                                                           There is a scar


A fight on a playground                                                 In the cold

4 stiches for a month                                                      Scars show through

A scar remains forever

                                                                                                Hair no longer grows

Braces come off                                                                               Because there is a scar

But your mouth

Has scars forever                                                                             Surgery repairs damage                                                               

                                                                                                But leaves a scar

Thumbs over soft skin                                                  

A bump, a scar                                                                  When I am gone from the world

                                                                                                I hope to leave a scar


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