they say they wish you were here.

that they wish they could see your smile

that if God were to give them one final thing in life,

if a genie were to grant one last wish,

it would be you. 

you see, people's life revolved around your goodness

with the power to uplift and lighten the world,

how is it that on march 28th you felt like darkness 

a black hole collapsing upon itself

mearly something that cant help but destroy?

little did you know you weren't only the sun but the whole universe to them

the stars

the moon

the planets 

you were the simplicity and complexity

of any beauty

of any light

if only you could've seen past the darkness 

you thought of yourself on march 28th

if only they could've seen 

your smile on march 29th

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This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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