10 things I want to tell my future son


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10 things I want to say to my future son
By Sam Opoku

1. You are NOT a number. You are not measured by your probability of success nor are you simply a percentage of the population. Your numbers are 100 trillion cells, 19 million of which is just skin, 640 muscles, 70 kilograms of water, 5.6 liters of blood, 206 bones, 78 organs and 7 times 10 to the 27th power of atoms, you are living, you are breathing, sweet child, do not let a number define you.
2. Your smile, like the wrong move in Jenga, can bring anyone’s wall down.
3. Remember your childhood, those nights you spent strutting around in your scarlet superman cape. The playground was metropolis and your bed sheets was the sun and I pray, when you grow up to confront your kryptonite, those jagged emerald shards of addiction, rejection and regret, that you recall the superpowers of your youth; when you could freeze your scars with a Band-Aid and melt them away with a kiss I pray, that you fly faster and farther than you ever thought possible .
4. My wife will never look like Barbie and I will never look like Ken. I hope that you admire the beauty our my flaws and pay little attention the artificial perfection of those I-Dolls
5. Know your mother’s voice; it is a Blue Whale, singing to the push-pull rhythm of the ocean as she carries her young in her womb. It is a mother turtle who has laid her snowy eggs in the sinking sand, hoping that the waves of the boundless sea will carry her children home. When you get the chance, capture her crescent smile in a marble jar and on the nights when the moon is concealed , open the jar towards the heavens and gaze at the beaming sky
6. Before you fall in love with what is someone else’s be prepared to lose that which is already yours.
7. The number of times the speed of light can travel around the world in just one second… 7. In two seconds the speed of light can caress the moon and come back to the earth, so get this, it’ll take 12.9 billion years for that same light to touch the farthest star known to man and if that doesn’t make you feel small then you should know that there are 7 quintillion 500 quadrillion grains of sand on the average beach but as insignificant as you are… I challenge you forgive, as much as there are grains of sand on the beach and I challenge you to love as infinite as the span of the universe.
8. Know your wife. Let her bosom be your refuge and her embrace, your sanctuary. Reserve only the best of you, and spare only the worst of you for her company.
9. When I am gone, I will make my dwelling in your eardrums. When all else is still and silent, I can whisper to you secretes and proverbs that you already knew.
10. I will name you Michelangelo. Your life is a canvas. Your thoughts are your paintbrushes and your actions are your strokes. Use whatever colors necessary as long as they are pleasing and stunning and heavy enough to stain. Leave no blank spaces. For I envision a world, where the ink spots left behind by your footsteps, are the breadcrumbs to a masterpiece.


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