10 signs you may still be missing someone you've never really met

1) you scroll through the emails exchanged late at night. well, it was late for you. He was just waking up; you could only imagine his tired eyes and sleepy voice


2) you look for traces of him everywhere. in passing cars, cafe tables. you thought you saw him once through a store window but you kept walking. How could he be here, when he was hundreds of miles away?


3) his is the name you doodle in math class


4) you still smile every time you see the stars, and whisper i love you, as if you know he's staring at the same sky; as if the wind will carry it to him


5) he's all you think about, but you never dare say his name for it's been so long since it was spoken, who knows what will happen


6) his favorite song is your least favorite song


7) you still write those silly poems and post them on tumblr. you hope he will see them. you hope he will know


8) you don't need to have seen his face; you see him in your dreams


9) there's something in everything that reminds you of him, still.


10) you ask yourself how you can miss someone you've never even met, and the only answer is an echo back from the hole in your heart where he once lay


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